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Our Goal

650 Laptop

Laptops Donated So Far
The average cost of 1 Laptop is $750 US Dollars. 163 Laptops remaining.
Equivalent to $1014 CAD, $1172 AUD, and $615 GBP (exchange rates are updated weekly)

Digital capabilities have become the new standard globally. A stable internet connection and laptops for university students are now a must!

Our university students, who are enrolled in the Not Alone Program, are currently struggling to keep up with their studies, as schools are pushing students to work on laptops. As you know, education is at the core of our mission - providing them with the tools needed is critical for their success. Equipping a student with a laptop increases their likelihood of success and can change their lives.

Thank you for your generous donation, to help our students thrive and to give them the same opportunities as their peers.