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Our Goal

9,500 Families Supported

Families Supported So Far
9,500 families are waiting. $150 helps one family.
How many families will you provide for?
Equivalent to CAD203, AUD224, and GBP125, the exchange rates are updated on a weekly basis.

This Christmas season, bring stability and security to Egypt’s families in need.

As the world deals with the economic aftermath of COVID and the ongoing Ukraine war, Egypt has been hit by yet another colossal blow.

Overnight, the Egyptian pound has devalued to a record low against the US dollar by a resounding 22%. We've seen this before. Massive inflation is looming right around the corner.

For every $150 you give, you’ll allow a struggling family secure the basic necessities like bread and cooking oil. 9,500 families are waiting for you.

Egypt’s middle-class may be anxious, but vulnerable families are terrified. This has shattered their sense of stability.

Imagine how this affects widowed mothers living on a government pension—a pension now worth next to nothing. Will she have to choose which child must give up his dream of an education?

It's becoming difficult to continue providing critical services to the children at this rate, where inflation is outpacing the benefits of a strong dollar.

That’s why we're urgently working to secure the funds to keep 9,500 families in need afloat this Christmas season.

By God’s grace, with your generous donation and constant prayers, we know we can raise enough for these families.

Thank you for giving today to ensure no family falls behind in this time of great economic need.