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Our Goal

750 Tablet

Tablets Donated So Far
1 Tablet costs $340 US Dollars
Equivalent to $459 CAD, $486 AUD, and $276 GBP, the exchange rates are updated on a weekly basis.

You can be the reason Coptic Orphans children receive faster life-saving support!

Coptic Orphans’ 750 specially trained, Church-based volunteer Reps, in addition to our field staff, are strong, committed servants of the children. During times of danger, many have risked their own lives to serve the children.

As the backbone of Coptic Orphans, it’s important that they have the very best equipment.

Currently, the Reps fill out paper forms to record the progress of each child, create reports for sponsors, and carry out other duties needed to run an efficient and transparent organization.

You can make a huge difference by equipping a Rep with a tablet. Having access to a tablet will allow each Rep to drastically cut back on time-consuming paperwork, and therefore spend more time nurturing, mentoring, and inspiring the children.

The tablets we are providing cannot be simple off-the-shelf units; to work properly in the field, they need to be durable and tailored to the particular functions of a child sponsorship organization. As such, the cost of each unit reflects:

• Development of program-specific capabilities
• Equip the tablets with needed internet service and protective accessories
• Shipping to the Reps
• License for the platform used to coordinate activities for the children

We estimate that having a tablet will save each Rep many hours of work each month, freeing that time up to be spent directly serving the children.

Thank you for giving today to ensure a Rep has a tablet—in doing so, you are making a critical contribution to the children’s happiness and health as they pursue their greatest educational potentials!