Make a Life-Saving Difference!

Our Goal

650 Laptops

Laptops Generously Donated So Far

367 Laptops Remaining

1 Laptop costs $750 US Dollars

Equivalent to CAD1028, AUD1154, and GBP695, the exchange rates are updated on a weekly basis.

This back-to-school season, you can be the reason Coptic Orphans children don’t fall behind in online coursework!

Since COVID-19 impacted the world last year, e-learning has become the new learning standard globally. A stable internet connection and laptops for university students are now a must.

It is now nearly impossible for our students to continue their studies this school year without a laptop. That’s why we are urgently working to secure 650 new laptop computers for Coptic Orphans university students this year, whether or not they’re sponsored.

For the second year in a row, Egypt’s Ministry of Education ended the academic year early in order to minimize COVID-19 cases amongst student populations. While this is an important step in reducing illnesses, it also forces students to rely on whatever technological resources they have at home—and for most of the students we serve, this means little to none.

Our Not Alone program children in universities—and even in some high schools—are currently struggling to continue studying as schools are heavily pushing students to work on laptops. Education is at the core of our mission, and we know you understand how important it is to fulfill a child’s dream of a great education.

By God’s grace, with your generous donation and constant prayers, we know we can reach our goal to raise enough for 650 laptop computers for the kids.

Thank you for giving today to ensure no child falls behind in this new age of online schooling. COVID-19 has presented many new challenges, but we are confident that we can succeed, with God’s grace, in providing this critical resource to students in need.

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